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Looking for a life-changing opportunity? 

We’re recruiting volunteers with a passion for ending extreme poverty, and a hunger for reaching their potential to join the Live Below the Line team at Oaktree!

Current Opportunities

Grassroots Director: As Director of Grassroots Operations, you will be responsible for creating engagement strategies which will be implemented in community groups such as schools, colleges, universities and many more. You will play an important role in managing high performing leaders in our state teams and supporting them in their professional development and keeping them accountable to targets set out at the beginning of the campaign. 
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Why Volunteer At Oaktree? 
You’ll gain invaluable skills and experience. When you're working at Oaktree, you won't be making coffees or mailing letters - you'll work in real world situations and learn skills that will carry you into the future.

You’ll join a community of like-minded young people. 
At Oaktree our greatest strength is our volunteers - passionate, determined and inspired to create change. We may all come from different backgrounds, but together we share the common belief that poverty is unacceptable and are committed to the movement to end it.

You’ll have a significant impact on the movement to end poverty. 
It's pretty incredible the impact a dedicated crew of young people can have. We've raised over 10 million dollars for life-changing education projects in the Asia-Pacific, mobilised thousands of young people to take action on the issue of poverty and reached millions through our campaigns. Every role at Oaktree, no matter how small, works towards taking meaningful action against poverty.

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We are committed to building a workplace and community that encourages, supports and values diversity. To find out more information head on over to our diversity page.