The Breakdown

Every dollar you donate to Oaktree contributes to our movement to end poverty. Through all parts of our work, both here in Australia and overseas, we invest in young people to create change on this issue.

Oaktree works differently to most anti-poverty organisations, tackling inequality by addressing its causes at the community, national and global level. 36% of donations support our work overseas, funding education programs delivered by our partners in Cambodia and Timor-Leste. Every time you make a donation, you're helping create opportunities for young people who may not have had them otherwise.

22% of funds support the work we do in Australia, raising public awareness of poverty and campaigning for strong policy action to help end it. You’re playing a part there, right now. When you eat something different for lunch, or complain about water on a night out, or talk to someone about the challenge, you bring attention to the issue of poverty. You’re an ambassador for a cause you care about, and you’re taking action to make a real difference.

Approximately 21% of donations enable our fundraising work so that we can multiply our impact. For every dollar we spend on fundraising, we raise roughly $4.50.

20% of donations cover vital costs of accountability and administration. This includes costs like rent and training, which enable our young volunteers all over Australia to grow as leaders in this issue and make a real impact.

Note these figures are in the process of being audited and are subject to change.

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