Team Humanitarian Affairs

5 Day Challenge

We're living below the line...

Because we believe in a world where education is a human right. We also believe in empowering others to raise themselves out of poverty!

We know that living below the poverty line is going to be challenging, but that's why it's important. We are ready to understand the struggle that thousands of people go through every day.

We're excited for the challenge, and we're excited to make a positive change!

Thank you for your donation,

Alycia, Claire, Stuart, Ines, Amy, Chin, Leafy, Amy, Alexi and Mickaela.


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Thank you to my Sponsors


Kim Solomon

Thank You for initiating such a meaningful campaign for the disadvantage communities.





Des bises!


Mark & Tina Emery

Go for it ❤️



Be pure in our intention. Do it with love. Let this be an inspiration to work for a cause.


Trent And Briana Matthes


Robert Kawitzki



Get it girls


Kate Wall

Great initiative gorgeous!


Clive Abbey

Keep up the excellent work.


Mona Young

Fantastic work, Claire.


Lyn & Ian



We can do it <3


Jordan Kildare

Awesome work!


Kazu Heazle


Michelle Coates


Claudia P-y


J Gai


I’m Not Sure

Well done team! And good luck!


Jolie Swantara


Anthony Boulton

Good work 👌🏼


Stuart Kirkwood


Alycia Kawitzki


Emma Walls

Nice work, keep going!


Ruby Ha

Ruby gifted 200baht



You can do it! SMASH IT!


Tegan Kawitzki



I'm hoping that every little bit goes a long way. Good luck. :)