Sophie Holloway

5 Day Challenge 2020

Day 1!

This is my menu for Day 1 of my Live Below the Line challenge: 

Breakfast: 1x slice of bread, 1x banana
Lunch: 'waffles' (made from flour, water, egg and UHT milk), 1x slice of bread, half a cucumber
Dinner: 1x piece of toast, 1x boiled egg, 1 and a half cucumbers, leftover waffles, 1x baked flour-milk-water 'naan'

Food for the week!

The Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line is $2 per day.

Here is a photo of the food I have bought to eat throughout my 5 day challenge, for $10 exactly ($2 x 5 days worth of food)

Yum yum!

I'm Living Below the Line...

Because humans have human rights but some humans don't have access to their human rights. 

I (and you viewing this page!) are doing something about it.

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Marina Lucero

Good on you! You are going to be so hungry this week...but that’s the whole point I guess. Good luck, you can do it!


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Faye Holloway

Keep up the good work


A Friend

Go you Soph!