Sabiha Uddin

5 Day Challenge

My $10 Grocery Haul

I'm really excited for the challenge to begin. I am officially starting the challenge tomorrow, on the 4th of May!

Good luck to everyone who is also trying this challenge!

Thank You

Thank you to my lovely friend Dom for your donation!

Thank You

Thank you to my lovely friend Amanda for your donation!

Want a drawing? Please Donate!

Hey guys!

So as an incentive for you to donate, I have decided to draw a complementary artwork for everyone who donates more than $20 to my page!

Thank you for your donations,

Sabiha Uddin

Living Gratefully

A small brown bean who thinks everyone deserves the right to education, food, safety, and health. 
Please either join me in this journey or donate to the cause!
Let's help end poverty. 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Phillip Joseph

Eat healthy, I am happy my donation is going to a good cause. Wishing you all the best. Ann & Phillip



I love what you're doing Sabiha, very daring! ❤


Mohammed Nazim

In Sha Allah you'll stay in good health and good spirit, you're doing a great job. I'm proud of you, may Allah SWT make it easy for you.


Guy Jeffery

Love your work, B!


Tyson Zhang

I'm extremely proud of you Sabiha! Keep it up


Candy Huang


Talise Hoza

Awesome initiative Sabina, love your work! <3


Louisa Morand

Big good on you for doing this Bee!!



You'll smash it Bee!


William Jirik

can you do heidi can I? xo


Dominic Tynan

Hi Bee, love the cause. Good luck!


Amanda Attreed

Love your commitment B! Xx


Joshua Marks

Really amazing what you’re doing Bee!


Sabiha Uddin