Poppy Patrick

5 Day Challenge

Food for Challenge Week.

This food here is the only food I'll be able to eat for 5 days starting on Monday the 6th. The total cost was $9.75 for 12 eggs, tinned tomatoes, 4 bananas, plain flour, frozen veg and split peas.

LBL 2019

As in previous years, I am again doing the Live Below the Line challenge to raise money for people living in poverty because I believe in a world where education is a human right, but also the best way of empowering people so they can raise themselves out of poverty. I believe in the capacity of young people to be able to make a difference in the world. Live Below the Line will give me a small glimpse into what life can be like with limited choices and through fundraising I hope to play my part in helping end poverty. I will be eating on only $2 a day for 5 days and would love your sponsorship over this time. Every donation continues to make a huge difference throughout the lives of these people no matter how big or small. Please consider donating today :))

My Challenges

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Danusia Emeljanow

Well done Poppy. You’re a very good kind and thoughtful girl and I love you very much



You are a caring and special person Poppy.


Amy Mitchell

Well done Poppy, you're a champ. Action for justice


Emmaus And Coro Youth Friends



Lots of love and encouragement from Team Denholm


Cat And Tim Patrick

Love your heart and action on this 💕❤️💞😍


Makin Family


Jenny Wichert

Great work Poppy! Very proud of you.


Mary Norris

Best of luck. I do hope you reach your goal and don’t get too hungry.


Nicole & Ebony

“I love you Poppy” (Ebony) “Amazing Poppy - you’re an inspiration!” (Nicole)


Urs And Lesley


Segopotso Phiri

Awesome work Poppy! Love your heart for helping others 🧡


Diana Nairne

Go Poppy! Well done. xx


Millers Of Melbourne

Love and support


Sally Tsang

Fantastic effort - good on you!


Matt Baker

Good work!


Jack Cheesman

I wish you all the best in your fundraising endeavours, my darling


Emmaus And Coro Youth Friends


Grandpa Manojlovic

Best wishes. Congratulations on exceeding your goal.


Jesse Dent

So proud of what your doing love xxx Praying it makes a big impact!


Mel Barr

What a wonderful way to raise awareness Poppy. Good luck with reaching your goal.


Kirsty Brown

Really impressed with your commitment to keep doing this each year Poppy - good on you!


Abi Newbury

Love you to the moon and back🤪 Buy some cheap Oreos with my money. Treat yo’self👏👏😂 but nah actual proud of you❤️


Matthew Wicls

Hi Poppy! Awesome work, much luv. From Matt


Tilly Dent

Love your work Pop Dog!


Holly Baker


Cindy Lam

So proud of you 💗


Abbey Neil

Well done and Goodluck! :))


Anna Taylor

Good on ya, Poppy! X


Kate Llanda

Hope you reach your goal :)




Sam Johnson


Cooper Stark

Good luck, you’re breath gonna stink from all the egg


Tori Fielke

This is so good, hope you reach your goal! Xx


Kimberly Owuor

proud of you making a difference! X


Erin Litchfield

Such a great cause, I want to try this challenge now


Sophie Provan

Proud of what you're doing Poppy! Love you! (and sorry I only have $8.00 at the moment on my debit card RIP hahaha! I'll donate more when I get paid babe <3 )


Maia Connor-macintyre