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5 Day Challenge

We live in a society fenced in by convenience, wealth, privilege and luck. I sit here in comfort on my $2000 laptop, sipping on my $5 coffee, chewing on my $2/packet of chewing gum, typing this. Meanwhile, there are millions of people around the world dying of malnutrition or going hungry. Most people don't understand this, neither do I, and many people will think "not my problem". Sure, we can go ahead with our lives not dealing with it, but if we can help, why not?

If all of my 125kgs can live off $2 a day, so can you. Or you can donate your lunch money for 1 day. Or 5. 

I spend roughly $40/day on food, so I'll be saving $190 in one week - I'll be donating this.

Post-script: If you don't donate and you purchase a takeaway coffee any time in the next 1 year, I can't be sure, but you'll probably go to hell. 

Post-post-script: If you thought I came here without facts and figures, alas, you are wrong.
1) Over 3 BILLION people, nearly HALF the Earth's population, lives on <$2.5 a day. Half the fucking world. Can you believe this?
2) If you are living in Australia on the minimum wage, you are in the top 2.5% richest people in the world.
3) If you are earning 65K/year, you are in the top 0.5% richest people in the world. 
If you are like me and your family migrated to Australia to escape war, or for a better life, you are one lucky person, because you were practically born into wealth by sheer luck. 

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