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5 Day Challenge 2020

My first meal on Live Below the Line........

This is the delicious Lentil and Potato Curry that I've cooked, and although it turned into a bit more of a soup, it was still really tasty!! The lentils and potatoes made the meal hearty and filling, making sure that we were not left hungry. We did add some extra vegetables into our meal, but skipped the rice. 

It's been a real eye opener into how hard it is for those living in poverty, but I love being able to make a positive difference by supporting Oaktree! 

I'm Living Below the Line...

Because I believe in putting an end to poverty. I was shocked when I found out that there are people living with only $2 a day going towards all of their basic necessities. After finding out this devastating fact, I have sparked an interest in what I can do to help improve the poverty situation here in Australia. As someone who is privileged with a comfortable life, I believe wholeheartedly that it is incredibly important that those living in poverty should have the same opportunities and support that many of us do.

I am completing the Live Below the Line challenge as I would love to be able to contribute to creating a better, brighter future for everybody less fortunate. I would really appreciate any donations to me so that I can contribute to making a positive difference!

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James & Bec

You go, Iz! What a great way to build awareness of the terrible conditions facing many Australians. Hopefully we can all work together to reduce poverty! Love Mummy & Daddy xxxx


James & Bec

Oops - thought I’d typed $100!


Kate, Rich & Charlie

Great work Izzy!


Stephanie Metz

Go Izbiz, great cause.


Sandy & Udo Metz

Well done Izzy, great cause! Love D&D xx


Izzy Tickner


Geoffrey Tickner

Good luck Izzy. This is a really worthwhile activity and good on you for participating in it. Love Grandma & Papa