Eric Su

5 Day Challenge 2020

I'm Living Below the Line.

As a teenager, I have been fortunately blessed with countless opportunities and a high-school/uni experience that is significantly more enriching than many other like-aged people around me. To this, I am so appreciative and grateful - but being grateful is not enough for the less fortunate around us who can only dream of living a normal life. That's why this year, I will be taking part in the challenge, to step in their shoes, and to give a hand to those living below the line by force, not by choice. If you could, please join me in supporting this cause - any small effort, donation or participation could make a huge difference!!

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Harrison Nguyen

Lets go Esuiiiiii!!!


Helen Chisholm


Kenuka Wijayatunga

a diet will do ya some good lad xx


Darren Sun

Perfect chance to burn off all those Long Island calories. Great work E Suiiii!




Jenn Lee





Jane Lee



spaghetti and beans yum






Best wishes


Aayush Takoo




very nice eric su !


Hilary Lam

pls don't starve


Will Gong

Oh yes 🤩😍Good on u ESU 😍


Grace Ye


Tom Hannell

Footballs coming home ❤️