Anika Younus

5 Day Challenge 2020

Day 4

I miss coffee :( my dad ate samosas in front of me

Day 1

Friend offered me a whole pack of gum ?? it’s the little luxury things that makes this challenge hard.

I'm Living Below the Line...

Because I believe in empowering young people to lead, demand and create a more just world. I believe in the capacity of young people to be able to make a difference in the world. Live Below the Line will give me a small glimpse into what life can be like with limited choices and through fundraising I hope to play my part in helping end poverty and injustice. Please either join me in doing Live Below the Line or Dine Below the Line or donate to me today!

My Challenges

LBL Expert Recruited a friend Changed Pic Started a Team
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Upp'd my Fundraising Goal Got my 1st Donation Raised $300 Smashed my Fundraising Goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ziaush Shams

Best of luck ammu for your amazing work,keep it up.




Farhana Alam

Hi Anika, Good luck. Well done. Keep it up..


Nadia Rawshan

Good Luck our little girl!!!


Tasnuva Ireen

hi anika, Proud of you ammu Mishu ma


Rafia Huda