Aileen Fleming

5 Day Challenge 2020

I'm Living Below the Line...

This week for me means not only being starving and hangry, but no tea or coffee(!), no seasoning, no beers; just bland stodgy food like rice and tinned beans. While I will never know what it’s like to not live the extremely privileged life I live, this allows me to immerse myself in the feeling of having no freedom of choice over something as simple as eating what I want. 

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Aileen Fleming


Aleksandar Boromisa


Sarah George

I love u bar, good stuff


Derek Fleming


Tony King


Paul Hannen



OMG, no coffee? You're a brave soul. Well done.


Rodney Harty

What no beer or coffee. Go girl.


Cheryl Fleming


Sally Minahan

Well done Aileen!



Proud of you darl xxxx


Leo Solomon


Oaktree Dm

Thank you for making this year's donation matching a great success! Oaktree really values your support :)


Karen Young

you go girl !


Savannah Clift

Good Luck Aileen! Good on you for doing this:) From Savannah Clift


Sarah Pope

Good Luck !


Courtney Brett

Good on you for taking on the challenge Aileen- we live a very privileged life in our country. Such simple pleasures of having a coffee or tea, having a choice of food available is simply not available to so many. Best of Luck through those hangry hours.