5 Day Challenge

To All the Kind People Who Donated...

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My Meal Plan


(5x) Porridge consisting of 50mL of Milk and 50g of Oats

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Milk (250mL) = $0.26

Oats (250g) = $0.75


(5x) 2 Slices of Bread with 20g of Blackberry Jam

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Bread= $2

Jam (100g) = $0.85



(5x) 81mL of Pumpkin Soup and 50g of Frozen Mixed Vegetables (brought last year) plus, a slice of bread from the breakfast loaf

 Campbell's Country Ladle Butternut Pumpkin Soup image front

420mL of Pumpkin Soup= $1.50

250g of 1kg Frozen Vegetables= $0.40


Total= $5.76


If I lived in poverty, I would spend the rest of the money on rent, among other necessities.

Please donate to me so to support the poor souls, who may live on such a sum for eternity. 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Eva’s Busking Proceeds ?

Thanks to all the passers by who donated.


Busking Round 2

There weren't as many people today, but I appreciate all the thoughtful contributions nevertheless. 😀🎻


Daddy Daddy

i love you, sweetie.


Georgette Meade

Well done Eva, you are a star. Xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️



You're an amazi.g kind heart. 💛


Pooper Scooper

You won the bet. Congrats. I hope the kiddies get the money, not a greedy company.


Polley Family

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