Dine Below the Line

How does it work? It's simple. 

Create your event. Invite your friends to attend and donate. Serve your budget feast on just $2 a head.

Gain a small glimpse into a world with limited choices.

And raise funds that help fight poverty.

Dine Below the Line is simple: invite friends, colleagues, or family over, cook a meal valued at $2 per head and ask your guests to donate what they’d normally pay for a meal when eating out! $2 is the Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line and we’re raising much-needed funds for work that helps end poverty.

Dine Below the Line gives you a chance to put change on the menu while engaging in meaningful conversations about poverty and the work that Oaktree does. By the end of it you’ll know that you’ve made a big impact. Click on the button below to sign up!

Dine Below the Line is a campaign by Oaktree as part of our Live Below the Line campaign. We’re young people leading a movement to end poverty, by doing just what you’ll do around your dinner table: learning about inequality, feeling frustrated, and then sitting up and doing something about it. To learn more about the work that we do, click here.

Why poverty? When millions of people go to bed hungry every night (and, um, we're rolling home from dinner utterly stuffed), it's easy to see that there's a problem.

But there's more to it than that.

We’re not just talking about hunger - because, as you realised at 11:30am today, you can be hungry without being impoverished, and vice versa: hunger is just one of many symptoms of poverty, but it’s not poverty itself. This is why we talk about education: poverty is the denial of people’s right and freedoms - when they don’t get a choice in how their life goes - and the fact that living in poverty means some kids don’t get to go to school is straight-up wrong. Education is a human right, and poverty’s denying them that right.


We have a choice to spend or scrimp on dinner - and we have a choice to start a conversation, raise some money, and support work that’s making sure everyone can enliven the basic rights that should be as much of a given as butter on your free restaurant bread.

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